Monday, 28 November 2011

New and up-coming

Hi All,

Welcome to the first of many creative and awesome applications. I'd love to take any suggestions and recommendations you may have in the future, but for now here are some up-coming applications to get me started !

Please welcome the annoying orange...


  1. your translate this app crashes every time i use it what is wrong.

  2. You’ve Got the Mobile Apps
    Now Merchandise Your Brand/Character Design
    And Expand Your Fan Base
    On the Appchandise platform, online and via retailers!

    ü Incremental Revenue and Merchandising opportunities
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    Welcome to Appchandise

    Your Own App Merchandising Webstore & Retail Channel

    • Appchandise is a one-stop Merchandise / Private Label Distribution platform which enables you to reach more customers and assists you in Brand Image Building for your iOS iPhone and iPad Apps, both online and via a network of physical retail stores.

    So what Do you need to Do to join our platform?

    • You will need to give us permission to distribute merchandise of your choice featuring Characters of your Mobile Apps.

    What Do I get from Appchandise?

    • Customized merchandise with your designs
    • A webstore to sell your own merchandise
    • Per-unit-sale royalty fee
    • Global distribution of your Branded Merchandise to world-wide retail customers and your fan base
    • A perfect way to complement your existing App-related Brand/Character promotion via your own Channels i.e. App Market, Social Media Facebook, website, blogs, etc.

    Make use of our Appchandise Marketing and Distribution platform, and turn your Mobile Apps/Characters into Revenue-Generating Merchandise!

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  3. I purchased always translate this from my iPhone 5. What do you mean by this statement? Try out the included modes first so you can see the technology in action.
    These built- in examples recognize words in many languages. Are these examples all that you get? Is there any way to change the languages around? All of the languages that I need translated into English are In the to list.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. On advertising your app the last the picture shows that you can translate the Chinese language into the English. The app I have will not translate Chinese to English . Also it doesn't show any of flags at the top or bottom of the app when it is opened, It only has two columns 1st column is from a language and 2nd column to a language. This app would be good if you only travel in Europe. I asked for help before, now are you going to try to help me out with my problem on the Always Translate This app?

  6. I like the way you answer someone's problem with your app! "This comment has been removed by the author"
    First off friend, it was not a comment it was a question. I was having with Always Translate This app. Least you could've done was had the decency to answer my question, all you had to do was say no there's no way to switch them around. Anything but remove my question.